Below are fragments of eventual future scenes that have yet to be written.

Scott in love with Brody (Year 6)

Stiles, Scott, Isaac en Patrick hung out in Hogwarts, Brody is going to the toilet.

Isaac,Stiles&Patrick: Scott, you're so inlove with him. The way you look at him. You are in love

Stiles: "So... Scott. When are you going to ask Brody out?"

Scott: "Wh-what? Why did you ask that? I don't have a thing for him."

Patrick: "Please. We can all see the looks you sent his way. You're head over heels in love with my stepbrother and we all know it. I suggest you ask him out before someone else beats you to it. I heard a rumor that Alec might be interested in him..."

Isaac: "Yeah, dude. Be quick to ask him out although I don't think you have anything to worry. Brody isn't interested in Alec at all."

Scott: "How do you know that?"

Isaac: "Because we've all seen Brody looking the same way to you as you do to him."

Malia dan zo van: "I can't believe it. First I hear that my brother might be in love with Brody and now it appears that my boyfriend has secretly been fucking him behind my back!"

Scott: I. Am. Not. In. Love. With. Brody!

Stiles be like: yeah.. sure

Patrick: "Scott. You're my friend and I love you but you're being unreasonable right now to the point I'm about to kick your ass. Go ask Brody out! He's always talking about you when he's talking to me, and when I confront him about it, he gets all flustered and starts to blush. He has a thing for you and now's your chance since Jackson is out of the picture."

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