"I don't trust a man with curly hair. I can't help, but picturing birds laying sulfurous eggs in there and I find it disgusting. "
—Sue Sylvester

Professor Susan Rodham "Sue" Sylvester was a Pure-blood witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Slytherin. Some time after her graduation, Sylvester returned to Hogwarts.

She is the Flying instructor at Hogwarts and a member of the Order of the Elementals.


Early life

Career at Hogwarts (1990-current)

Early years

Personality and traits

Sue is the ultimate alpha-personality in all the episodes. Seen, always, as calculating, ruthless, devious, sneaky, egotistical, pompous, sarcastic, arrogant, vindictive, sadistic, scheming, manipulative, ungrateful, immoral, sociopathic, cruel, spiteful, bitter, dishonest, greedy, treacherous, dirty, sly, brutal, diabolical, sinister, pure evil, vain, vicious, ambitious, rotten, nasty and unscrupulous. She is without a moral compass and possesses no scruples and conscience. She is also an extremist who shows no compassion, love or concern to anyone, but herself and her sister. She will often do anything and everything in her power to get what she wants and she usually doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. With a sense of great entitlement, she will ignore all rules and regulations that work against her, but have no issue using those same rules against others. Sue's height also leads her to speak down to people, and to name drop and speak of herself as something beyond everyone else.

Sue doesn't handle emotional pain well. If for whatever reason she gets hurt, she will take it out on everyone around her, normally by destroying anything around her and insulting people. These scenes are a scary kind of comical, dramatic music in the background and Sue throwing things around viciously, but at the same time it makes Sue look powerless for all her strength.

She's very good at holding grudges to unhealthy, almost super-villain levels, particularly her desire to destroy the Glee Club for getting money that had once been promised to her Cheerios. Sometimes she ignores these grudges in the short term, when external events reach the softer side she keeps locked deep inside herself.

Sue makes it a point to make fun of Will's hair, often commenting about his curls and his perm,even saying he looks like a sheep and she can't help, but picture "small birds laying sulfurous eggs" in his hair and it revolts her. However, in The Power of Madonna, it's revealed that this hate actually stems from jealousy due to her own awful hair.

Sue also holds no man or woman to her loyalty to anyone save herself and her sister. For example, despite both being members of the school staff, Sue is more than willing to betray Will at the drop of a hat. The same held true for Quinn, who for a long time was a loyal member of her cheerleading squad, and who Sue kicked out for being pregnant.

We see, however, that Sue's aggression and unreliability stem largely from a difficult childhood. Her mannerisms are very much in parallel with her mother's, a woman who left Sue to take care of herself and her handicapable sister at a young age. This explains why she has such a thick emotional shell surrounding her more vulnerable qualities.This softer self isn't gone, just very well hidden from the world, and when it does leak out she's sure to push it back in before too long.

Sue is very loving towards her sister Jean, who suffers from Down's Syndrome and who Sue visits as often as she can.This love for her sister caused Sue to donate money to the school to help disabled kids and to allow a student with Down's syndrome to join the Cheerios. After Jean's passing, the memories Sue relived lead her to apologize to Will for being a bully as opposed a supportive friend, and she called off her vendetta against Glee, an act that is likely to be overlooked for comic effect by the writers for the first act of Season Three, Episode One.

Also, when Sue had thought she had found love, she became noticeably kinder and more understanding towards others, even Will and the Glee Club. However, when she found out she'd been cheated on, she returned to her old cruel and vicious nature.

This kind/cruel dichotomy has happened many times. Her fluctuating personality can change from episode to episode depending on the circumstances, showing perhaps how unstable and lonely, her character is. An alternative theory is Sue's absolute lack of concrete character as highlighted her absolute ability to have coherent, predictable allegiances and stance is actually the result of a complete authorial disregard for continuity.

Sue's age has been somewhat a mystery throughout the series thus far. In The Power Of Madonna, we get the first news of her age when in self monologue she admits she's about to turn thirty despite the fact that she looks like someone in her forties/fifties. As well as that, in Furt, we can clearly see on her dating profile that it says her age is "27." And in Funeral, it's revealed her sister made it well past fifty, and it was said in previous episodes she and Sue went to school together. In a deleted scene from Mash Off, it is revealed that she is in fact fifty-two years old.

Her sharp wit and quick tongue leave funny, clever, and often insane proclamations in their wake, and while they're mostly ill-intended, and usually directed at Will Schuester, are some of the best lines of the show. 

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