Brody: "Scott, Scott! Stay with me!"
Scott: "Brody... it's okay. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to get hit..."
Brody: "Don't say that, don't do this..."
Scott: "It hurts and I'm scared... I don't want to die..."
Brody: "You won't... No... No! Scott, stay with me, please!"
Scott: "I'm so sorry for you and Jackson... I really hope you find your way back to him..."
Brody: "Scott... no... please..."
Scott: "Although I was never meant to be the love of your life... and even though I am not gay... you were still the love of mine."
Scott McCall talking to Brody Hudson seconds before he dies in Brody's arms.

Scott McCall's death occured on 2 May 1998 when Scott McCall and Malia Tate were fighting against Death Eaters. Scott, alongside with his girlfriend Malia, were participating in the First Wizarding War on the side of the Elementals. He and Malia were assigned to defend the castle's secret passages by Garrett Douglas. After the Death Eaters forced their way inside, Scott fought next to his girlfriend Malia, to protect the Elementals and many innocent students from harm.

While fighting, both Scott and Malia were getting attacked and killed as Brody Hudson and Alec Tate stormed into the battle at the last moment. Brody, who is the Fire Elemental, sees his best friend being hurt and activates his Elemental Trance to attack the Death Eather with a very powerful fire cloud that pushes him directly off the tower, killing him in a couple of seconds as the cloud burned him alive.

Malia, who died after she was struck by the Killing Curse, was being held by her twin brother Alec, while Scott and Brody shared a very last intense moment before he died too. Brody wouldn't leave Scott's side until Alec helped him move the bodies to somewhere safer, coincidentally behind a suit of armour. Their bodies were moved to the Great Hall later where their friends then mourned over them.

Background information

First Wizarding War

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The battle

Battle of Hogwarts

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Scott and Malia's mission

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2 May, 1998 Scott, alongside with his girlfriend Malia, were participating in the First Wizarding War on the side of the Elementals. Before the Battle of Hogwarts was getting started, Scott and Malia got in talk with the minister. Scott and Malia were assigned to defend the castle's secret passages by Garrett Douglas, since Garrett knows that the pair could take out a lot of Death Eaters. He and Malia were getting informed by Finn Hudson's plan at the Order of the Elementals meeting.

Before Scott and Malia made it to the seventh floor, she stops him. Malia is nervous, as she was never act before. She worries about their future and about their relationship. They both are feeling scared. Many students are running around, searching for a hiding place or making themselves ready for a hard battle. Scott is telling Malia that they are gonna be fine, and whatever happens to them, nothing could break them apart. Malia is reffering to Brody, as she knows what is going on between him and Scott. He presents her with confidence, telling her that their bond is special, but not in a romanticly way. Malia is fine whatever is going on, as long as he stays with her. Scott and Malia says their goodluck as they share a beautiful kiss in a storm from students. Scott takes Malia's hand, and they both are running to their location in the castle.


Running on their way, many students were in panic attacks and many loud noises were hearing because of the attack of Tom Riddle. Scott and Malia helped some students getting up, helping them search for a safe place to hide. Many Death Eaters were storming in at the seventh floor as the battle began. Both Scott and Malia casted very effective spells to defied the enemies. Many kills were made by Malia, as Scott wasn't meant to be to kill but to catch them out. Still running to their location, Scott and Malia were still in battle with some Death Eaters who were following them on their way. Arriving on their location, they both got eye in eye with a large group of Death Eaters that were coming from the North Tower.

Brody and Alec searching for Scott and Malia

Brody still didn't know what was exactly going on as the battle was already started and many explosions and spells were hearing all over the place. Brody already knew what a real battle was looked like, as he already were stalked by Death Eaters when he was on a broomstick with his twin nephews; Ethan and Aiden. While saving some students who were being attacked, Alec saves Brody himself as he was being spelled from behind by a Malfoy member. Brody couldn't really believe that his biggest bully just saved his life at first. Alec worries about his twin sister as he have been looking for her the whole battle. Brody promised him that they are gonna look for them, as they both make their way to the seventh floor.

Scott and Malia's final Battle

Being in a hard battle, Scott and Malia couldn't handle this large numbers of Death Eaters. They weakened, and were starting to lose. Scott, who was bleeding as a river from his wounds, finally casted some huge spells that basicly saved him own life. We can't take them all! was Malia yelling. We need some help! Scott replied. Scott remembers how Douwe Posthuma told him once that when he feels danger, there is danger and that he should do everything to stop the danger. Scott knew it, he had to take out those anger killers before he get killed himself.

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At that moment, Malia is about to get throwed against the wall, but Scott jumped behind her to catch her fall. Scott and Malia are in a danger position, and are surrounds Voldemort's followers. Scott didn't gave up, so he stood up and catches a strong Explleriamus that blows the other Death Eaters away at time. Scott ended with the killing spell, knowing that he was doing the right thing. Scott and Malia were standing next to each other, looking with hope and being brave. But it didn't took long before there came another Death Eater.

Malia was hit with the Killing Curse and died instantly. However, Scott was struck by an explosion, damaging a pillar hanging above in the ceiling to the point of it collapsing, and it fell right onto his legs, crushing them painfully.

Death of Scott and Malia

Alec and Brody storms on the tower as they both saw how Scott and Malia were demaged. Alec yelled directly, running to Malia's dead body. On the other hand, Brody was in panic, and couldn't believed what just happened. All he could hear was the scream of Malia and Scott. Brody stood eye to eye with their murderer, and inside him activates something he haven't felt his whole life. Before Brody knew, he throw his wand at the Death Eater, and before he could realise what was happening there came a very hot fire cloud out of his wand. Alec looked up, with tears in his eyes did he felt how hot the fire was. The Death Eater was catching the fire cloud that is killing him in a couple of seconds as the cloud burned him alive. The burning corpse float of the tower as Brody still couldn't believe he was one of the Elementals.

Brody rushed towards Scott and held him as he tried to pull him from under the wreckage but it was in vain. After having a quick conversation in which Scott apologized furiously about him being the reason Jackson and Brody got into relationship issues, and exclaiming that he was scared to die and didn't want to, he let out his final breath in Brody's arm after proclaiming that even though he's not gay he saw Brody as the love of his life.


Scott's Furneral

In 1998,

Brody's breakdown

Scott's death has affected Brody after the First Wizarding War in a very huge way. After faking his own death, being on the run for Tom Riddle in China, Brody's breakdown a big part of his issue. He did not only fake his death for his family, he didn't get to see his brothers, and above all, he lost his best friend with whom he shared a very intense relationship with.

Brody's breakdown made sure he was getting really depressed. He blamed himself for the death of his best friend and couldn't accept the fact that he never got to see his best friend again. Being in China, Brody felt alone and lonely. He even got nightmares of the his view, looking at how Scott died in his arms, hearing his last words.. feeling his chills.

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Scott McCall in Brody's Limbo, telling him he should be back on top.

Even though Scott's death will always be a soft spot for Brody, he is getting better after he met a new love interest Merlin Foley, a guy who was getting expelled from Hogwarts. Merlin helped Brody over his depression and takes the best friend role, since he was the only person he could talk to. Merlin could never replace the spot of Scott, nor Patrick, but Brody was glad he have met someone who made him feel happy after all the things he has been through.

Scott did visit Brody in a Limbo, telling him he should accept that he is dead, and that he have to get back on top to make his death worth it to kill Tom Riddle.

After the First Wizarding War, Brody, who couldn't visit Scott's grave because the run off, did visit Scott's grave multipull times and organized a live music memorial to remember and commemorate all the victims who has been killed. Brody sung I Will Always Love You for his true and dear friend, Scott McCall and named one of his twin children after him; Hugo Whittemore.