The relationship between Patrick Dunbar and Scott McCall.

Patrick and Scott met each other in the Hogwarts Express on their first day to Hogwarts and he took an instant liking to him. After the Sorting Ceremony was over, the two boys were both sorted into Hufflepuff and discovered that they were would be sharing a dorm for their entire stay at Hogwarts, becoming roommates with Brody Hudson, Isaac Lahey and Stiles Stilinski.

The friendship between the three has grown tremendously throughout the years, however, it was discovered that Scott had a deeper connection to his stepbrother Brody while Patrick formed one with Isaac Lahey.

Patrick, Scott and Brody are known members of the "Unholy Trinity".


First Year (1991-1992)

Second Year (1992-1993)

Third Year (1993-1994)

Fourth Year (1994-1995)