The relationship between Patrick Dunbar and Rami Milton.

Patrick Dunbar and Rami Milton have known each other ever since they were born. They are cousins from each other because Patrick's mother, Alice, and Rami's father, Tristan, are brother and sister.

In their childhood, the two cousins were friendly with one another, at times protective of each other since they were each other's favorite cousins. It's known that the duo hung out a lot at Hogwarts even though they were not sorted into the same House; Patrick being a Hufflepuff while Rami was in Slytherin.

When the First Wizarding War came around, unbeknownst to Patrick and his entire family, Rami and his mother chose Lord Voldemort's side in the upcoming war, not knowing that he would be fighting Patrick and his other cousin Liam in the long run since it wasn't known at that time that the two of them belonged to the Elementals.

When it became known that Patrick belonged to the Elementals,the Dark Lord used Rami's family connection to the Earth and Water Elemtal for his own benefit, thinking that he now had the golden opportunity to catch two out of four Elementals. However, Rami was struggling to cope with the fact that his cousins were now his enemies, and he began to somewhat doubt his decision to join the Death Eaters alongside his mother, who basically pressured him into doing so. In the end, he knew that the decision to leave the Death Eaters would be met with death and since he loved life too much, he chose deliberately to ignore his own feelings on the matter and continued to wreck havoc and despair.

Patrick and Rami crossed paths again during the Battle of Hogwarts. Patrick was furious, felt betrayed and hurt about his favorite cousin joining the Dark Lord. Confessing that he didn't want to attack Rami, he tried to persuade him to try to leave the Death Eaters and to join the Order of the Elementals, to which Rami's reply was to send the Killing Curse to his own sister Emilia who was running towards them after she spotted them but the curse hit a nearby pillar instead. Emilia stood there in shock, unable to move as she tried to process the fact that her own brother just tried to kill her. It angered Patrick to no end and he started to engage in a battle with Rami, desperate to protect his other cousin. Many other students looked at how the battle progressed and it looked like Patrick was going to lose due to his inabillity to conceal his emotions behind a mask, which was something Rami excelled at.

However, the tides turned when Patrick activated his Elemental Trance because all of his emotions conflicted with one another and he could not deal with them. With a wave of his wand, he pulled a few of the bricks out of the walls within the castle, merging them to this huge piece of rock as they circled into the air, before sending it flying towards Rami in a fast speed that was almost too fast for the human eye to process. Rami, taken by surprise by such an attack, tried to step out of harm's way but he was too slow; the huge rock hit him and blasted him against the huge door of the Great Hall, crushing him to death.

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