Throughout his life, Patrick has had many relationships with a variety of people. Because of his upbringing, he has had a lot of connections in his early years, all of them being magical since he's born into a pure-blood family that has lived in the Wizarding World their entire lives. After the death of his mother and his father's marriage into the Hudson family, a lot changed for Patrick and he began to build relationship with Muggles as well.

His strongest relationships are with: his father, the Hudson familyTheo Raeken, Archie Andrews, Brett Talbot, Isaac Lahey, Alisha Daniels, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Stefani Germanotta, Minerva McGonagall and Douwe Posthuma.



"Your mother was a wonderful woman and even though the two of you only got to know her for a short amount of time, know that she loved you with all her heart. I'm sure that if she knew how you turned out to be–two wonderful, supportive and friendly Hufflepuffs–she would have cried with joy."
—Joshua talking to Patrick and Liam about their mother.

Joshua, his father

Patrick has always had a good relationship with his father. The two share a close father-son relationship and he will always go to his father if he has questions or needs help with something, especially when it's related to pure-blood business. Joshua also teaches Patrick how to behave and act when he becomes the Head of House Dunbar after he passes away. Joshua would do anything for his children Patrick and Liam as well as his stepsons Finn and Brody and his wife Carole Hudson.

Due to his mother dying in an accident when he was only one years old, Patrick never really knew his real mother. While growing up, his father made sure he knew that his she loved him very much. However, Patrick saw Carole as his real mother because he doesn't know any better. Carole has never treated him any differently than her own sons and she always made sure to make him feel loved, safe and included. Patrick will do anything to keep Carole safe and he wants to make her proud of him.

Liam Dunbar

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"Shh, shh, Liam. You’re safe. Nothing is going to harm you, I promise."
—Patrick comforting Liam after he woke up from a nightmare.

Liam, his younger brother

Liam is Patrick's younger brother and Patrick loves him with all his heart. He will do anything for him. In his entire life, Patrick and Liam have never gotten into a fight with each other; their sibling-relationship is rather unique since most siblings tend to do have fights. Patrick always hangs out with Liam whenever possible, perform fun activities, run around, sing and dance (together with Finn and Brody, play Quidditch together and numerous other stuff.

Having grown up alongside Patrick, Finn and Brody, Liam always got cuddled and hugged by them. This has caused him to become somewhat addicted to hugging and cuddling: Liam always makes sure to touch them whenever he's near them. When Liam is in a bad mood or just wants to be held, he walks up to Patrick, Finn and Brody, looks up to them with his puppy eyes and opens his arm, waiting to be picked up and cuddled by them. The three older siblings have not been able to resist the "Liam Cuddle Call" as they call it.

Whenever Liam's hurt, Patrick always gets overprotective; since he is a caring person, the health and wellbeing of his family is top priority. It has probably also to do with the fact that he'll become the Head of House Dunbar one day and one of its duties are to take care of your family members. However, this was before it was known that Patrick would marry Theo Raeken and would take his family name instead, thus making Liam the Dunbar heir instead.

Liam is not used to sleeping on his own as he has always slept with either Patrick, Finn or Brody (or all of them at once): they make him feel safe and protected. It's not rare for the three of them to wake up and suddenly find Liam having snuck into their room who is now clinging to them in their bed, fast asleep. Scott, Isaac and Stiles have grown used to this and even give Liam hugs as well when he enters or leave their dorm.

Finn Hudson

Main article: Patrick and Finn
Finn: "Go downstairs to Brody. He’s currently in the kitchen preparing something to eat for Liam here. Go fetch something yourself since you are looking quite pale."
Patrick: "Thank you."
— Finn sends Patrick downstairs to eat while he takes over comforting Liam.

Finn, his eldest stepbrother

Finn Hudson is Patrick's eldest stepbrother and even though they are not related by blood, Patrick has always considered him to be his real brother. Patrick always went to Finn to talk about stuff that he was uncertain or scared about and Finn always did his best to offer him comfort, advice and help. Finn has never laughed at him once in his entire life and he makes Patrick feel at ease. Just knowing that Finn has his back and will always be there for him gives him the strength to go on in life.

Finn always played with Patrick and his brothers and he always shared his toys with them. Not once has he ever raised his voice at him. As soon as Patrick, Brody or Liam make a distressed sound, Finn immediately runs up to them to see what's wrong and then he immediately turns into an overprotective brother. Sometimes Patrick faked to be hurt just so he could have Finn's attention on him; he never knew that Finn knew that it was fake, but it was a good reason for Finn to take care of and spend time with him.

Patrick has slept in Finn's bed with Brody and Liam almost every day of their entire childhood – until the day arrived on which Finn had to leave for Hogwarts. His departure fell heavy on him and his other brothers but they knew they at least had each other. Patrick, Brody and Liam sent Finn letters every week and always told him what happened back at home and how much they miss him and can't wait to see him again during the holidays.

Brody Hudson

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Brody: "So... what do you want to do today? I'm bored!"
Patrick: "Do I look like I know what we should do? I'm as clueless as you are."
Brody: "Nothing different from how you usually are, then. Good to know that you're still the same ol' Patrick that we all know and love."
Patrick: "Ha ha, real funny, Brody. I'd suggest finding someone else to hang out with if you're just going to insult me all the time."
Brody: "I'm sorry! You know how I get when I have nothing to do, Patrick. Now come on and let's find something to do, I don't want to be in the Common Room all weekend!"
— Patrick and Brody discussing what to do during their weekend in third year.
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Brody, his older stepbrother and best friend

For as long as Patrick can remember, Brody has always been his best friend. He is also his older stepbrother with whom he has been living with his entire life. His father has told him stories about him and Brody playing together as toddlers, sharing each other's toys with each other, cuddling each other, giving each other sloppy kisses on the cheek and laughing each other; his stepmother Carole has documented every interaction on tape and sees it as one of her most valuable possessions. She also has a video of the duo when they were laying next to each other inside their crib as infants and that they kept crawling to each other while they tried to speak to each other; however, being unable to form words at such a young age, all you could hear was the usual baby brabbling.

They have been practically joined at the hip since birth: where one of them is, you can find the other as well. They have such a strong mental and emotional connection, the same of which can only be seen by twins: they think about the same things at the same time and they always say exactly what the other one was about to say. They know each other from the inside and outside: there's no secret that lays between them. Not only have they slept in one bed (alongside Liam and Finn) pretty much their entire childhood but they do everything else together too: they play outside together, they prepare meals together, they clean together, they sing and dance together and they even shower together, which is something that they have done their entire life as well. There's no shame or embarrassment between them, they're that close. It is also the case that whenever they were alone at home or in the showers that Patrick and Brody, both curious about their sexuality and each other's bodies as they grew up, experimented with each other to discover more about their likes, dislikes and sexuality. The two of them swore to keep this a secret between the two of them and only speak of it when they are sure they are completely alone.

Patrick and Brody would do anything for each other: they would even die for each other like they would for any other member of their family. As soon as there's something wrong with either of them, the other will be able to tell. Patrick and Brody are unable to lie to each other because they both know what to look for in each other to discover if they are being lied to. When one of them is hurt, the other one will take care of him and will personally make sure that they will get better; they won't give each other one minute of rest if that's the case since they will always be by their side.

There's something that Patrick and Brody have done their entire life and are still doing even when they're at Hogwarts and that is giving each other kisses on the cheek as a sign of affection and love. Patrick has gotten so used to it that he feels that whenever he's ill his body will only start to heal as soon as Brody has given him a kiss on the cheek. It's like there is magic hidden in it that has a healing and calming effect on the both of them.

The two take photographs of each other all the time, even at the most random places and when the other does not expect it. They mostly do it just so their mother will have more pictures to add to her collection, but it's also just for fun for the two of them. They love to get pictures and videos of whatever is happening in each other's life, so they can watch it back when they want to.


"Dobby still can't believe he's an official member of the Hudbar family. All the other house-elves are jealous and glare at Dobby, but Dobby knows not to take it personal."
—Dobby talking about becoming an official member of the Hudbar family.

Dobby, Patrick's house-elf

Dobby became the House-elf of the Dunbar and the Hudson family somewhere between 1981-1991. He was taken in by Carole when she couldn't handle all the work in and around the house all by herself. Dobby hasn't served a family before theirs and therefore was very excited to finally fulfill his duty. He had heard terrible stories from other house-elves about the families they have to serve, about how abusive and neglective they are, how they get kicked around and not get paid, and Dobby expected this treatment before he had met the Dunbars and Hudsons, but upon seeing Carole and Joshua and their children for the first time, he knew that he would be treated with love, respect and dignity and that he was the luckiest house-elf on the planet.

Joshua and Carole made it clear from the very start that Dobby wouldn't be "just" an house-elf to them; he would actually become a full member of both of their families, he would also be payed for his services and got a day off every month. The Hudson and Dunbar families were the first families in the Wizarding World all over the world who actually allowed a house-elf to become part of their families. Joshua and Carole saw and treated Dobby like their own children and Patrick, Liam, Finn and Brody saw him as a sibling. The only difference between them was that Dobby had several duties and chores to fulfill, such as keeping the house and all the rooms in it clean, make sure nobody trespasses on their property and above all, make sure that all the children are well-fed. When they left for Hogwarts, Carole sent Dobby to Hogwarts so he could work in the kitchen under the employment of Albus Dumbledore, that way Dobby was also able to keep an eye on the kids and make sure they got fed.

Dobby is just like Liam: whenever he wants to be held, he'll come to Patrick, Brody and Finn and waits for them to pick him up and cuddle with him. The very close relationship between Dobby and the Hudson and Dunbar families have raised a lot of commotion within the Wizarding World but nobody cares about what others think of them, their family business doesn't concern them at all. However, it has also gained the family respect with wizards and witches who think of house-elves as their comrades and not as their slaves. Word spread throughout the entire Wizarding World about how house-elves are treated within the Dunbar and Hudson families and it has actually caused a flood of house-elves who weren't tied to any family to move to Great Britan in the hope of coming across their families, in the hope of also becoming a member of two very loving (and now united) families.


Theo Raeken

Main article: Patrick and Theo
Theo: "I saw you practising on the Quidditch fields today, Dunbar, and I must say that I'm impressed."
Patrick: "I'm glad that you're impressed, Raeken, but I did notice you in the stands. Were you stalking me again?"
Theo: "Maybe, maybe not, it doesn't matter. I just like to see what I'm up against. That's not a crime, is it?"
Patrick: "No, it isn't, but why would you settle with watching my Quidditch skills from afar when I can just simply talk to you about them up close and personal?"
Theo: "You want up close and personal? Fine. How does this Friday night in Hogsmeade sound? I heard that Madam Puddifoot's serves the most tasteful coffee and tea."
Patrick: "You're inviting me to Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop? Seriously? That place is filled with happy couples who can't stop being intimate with each other."
Theo: "Why should we care what the rest of them is doing? Let them kiss each other for all I care, all I'm there for is to drink some coffee or tea with the handsome Hufflepuff I've had my eye on for a while. We can always skip the "being intimate with each other" until we're back at Hogwarts."
Patrick: "I like the sound of that. It's a date, Raeken. You know, I'd have almost given up hope at being asked out by you."
— Theo asking Patrick out for their first date in Hogsmeade.

Theo, his boyfriend, future husband and father of his children.

Patrick met Theo Raeken after a Quidditch match against Slytherin during his second year. That year, the only time he saw Theo was either during or after a Quidditch match or when he came across him in the Hogwarts castle.

It wasn't until the beginning of third year that the two started to interact more. They greeted each other in the hallways and started to help each other in the classes they shared. It wasn't until long that the two started to fall into a romantic relationship. Theo confessed that he has always cared for him ever since he met him and that he couldn't help but feel something for him to which Patrick replied that he always thought he was handsome but that he never thought he would have a chance with him. Theo kissed him passionately in response.

At first the two had to keep their relationship a secret because Patrick feared how his family would react, but after seeing the positive response Finn gave to Brody when he came out as bisexual, they decided to lure Finn, Brody and Liam to an old classroom in which Patrick introduced Theo as his boyfriend. Ever since then, the couple has kissed and hold hands in public and they even go on dates to Hogsmeade together, where they buy each other nice things and have a drink together.

Theo is very protective of Patrick and will become hostile with everyone who has ever done him harm. If Theo finds out that you've done something to make Patrick sad or mad, then he'll get back at you. Theo will take revenge on that person because nobody messes with his boyfriend. Patrick secretly adores it when Theo gets so protective of him and gives him more kisses, which turn passionate really quickly. The two don't care what other people think of their relationship: they're happy and that's all what matters. Theo's rough personality compliments Patrick's soft one and they balance each other out.

Theo occassionally comes over to his house to celebrate the holidays with his family.

Archie Andrews

Main article: Patrick and Archie
Archie: "Congratulations on making the team, Patrick."
Patrick: "Thanks. Er... I don't want to be rude but who are you exactly?"
Archie: "I'm Archie Andrews, I'm a Chaser as well on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I saw you during your audition on the fields, I was watching from the stands. You did really great on there."
Patrick: "Thanks for congratulating me although I'm not sure why. Aren't we enemies? Does your captain even know you're talking to me?"
Archie: "My captain doesn't need to know everything I do. Besides, this is all just innocent chatter, right? And we're not enemies at all, I think you meant to say rivals. Makes it less... unfriendly."
Patrick: "You're right, rivals is what I meant to say. Sorry, I'm just a bit preoccupied at the moment. I only just heard I made it to the team and I'm already sitting at the lake, nervously thinking about my first game. I'm afraid I'll screw up and let my team down..."
Archie: "Why should we care what the rest of them is doing? Let them kiss each other for all I care, all I'm there for is to drink some coffee or tea with the handsome Hufflepuff I've had my eye on for a while. We can always skip the "being intimate with each other" until we're back at Hogwarts."
Patrick: "I like the sound of that. It's a date, Raeken. You know, I'd have almost given up hope at being asked out by you."
— Theo asking Patrick out for their first date in Hogsmeade.
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Archie, a great friend and his ex-boyfriend and fiancé

Patrick met Archie Andrews at the Great Lake during his second year. Patrick had received the news that he was accepted into the Hufflepuff quidditch team as a Chaser and was just sitting down in front of a tree at the lake to relax after his thorough audition. He was minding his own business when all of the sudden this Gryffindor boy walked up to him, informing him that he saw him on the Quidditch field during his audition and that he was watching from the stands, and that he wanted to compliment him for making the Hufflepuff team, declaring that they'd be rivals when their Houses faced each other on the fields. Also a Chaser, Archie did, unbeknownst to his teammates, give Patrick tips and tricks best suitable for a Chaser, and it was the start of their friendship.

Patrick and Archie kept meeting with each other before and after a Quidditch match but only if one of their Houses (or both) played, wanting to wish each other luck beforehand and then afterwards, congratulating the winner. For the remainder of the 1992-1993 school year all of their interactions were related to Quidditch in one way or another.


Good friends

Jackson Whittemore

Main article: Patrick and Jackson
Patrick: "If I ever find out you did anything to break Brody's heart, I will make sure your life will be a living hell."
Jackson: "Why would I hurt him? I love him, Patrick, but if it makes you feel any better, I'll give you my word."
— Patrick threatening Jackson after he found out he was dating his stepbrother.

Jackson, his stepbrother and best friend's boyfriend

Patrick met Jackson Whittemore on the same day as Theo during his second year. The two exchanged good luck wishes before a Quidditch match between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Patrick never really thought much of him other than the fact that he was nice and friendly, unlike most Slytherins, until he found out that Jackson was dating Brody in secret.

Without telling Brody, Patrick went behind his back to meet up with Jackson to inform him that if he ever did anything to break Brody's heart, that Patrick would come back and break something of his. Jackson, who normally never backs down when he's being threatened, felt impressed by his boyfriend's brother and promised that he'd take good care of Brody and that he'd never do anything to harm him.

When someone of his family is being threatened or bullied, Patrick usually goes to Jackson and his boyfriend Theo to ask them for help in getting revenge. The two Slytherins gladly offer their services; Jackson becomes a very good friend of Patrick because of the traits they share.

Scott McCall

Main article: Patrick and Scott
Brody: "Are you sure that you want to do this, Scott? People will start to think that you're gay like us."
Scott: "So what? Let them think what they want to think, we know better. Besides, if three friends can't have fun by dancing and singing together while wearing a wig and dress, what purpose does life have left anymore?"
Patrick: "Awesome! I like how care-free you are, Scott. Let's talk to August and see if he's up for designing our dresses for the Nationals."
— Patrick, Brody and Scott discussing their "Candyman" performance.

Scott, fellow Hufflepuff, friend and roommate

Scott McCall is a fellow Hufflepuff student and also one of Patrick's roommates in the Hufflepuff Basement. Patrick met Scott in the Hogwarts Express on their first day to Hogwarts and he and Brody instantly took a liking to him. They were happy when they were sorted into the same House and got even more happier when they discovered they would be sharing the same dorm for their entire stay at Hogwarts.

The friendship between the three has grown tremendously throughout the years. It didn't take long for Patrick, Brody and Scott to form a trio which is named the "Unholy Trinity of Hufflepuff".

However, Scott has always been closer to Brody than to Patrick. While Brody has Scott as his second best friend, Patrick has Isaac instead.

Stiles Stilinski

Main article: Patrick and Stiles
Stiles: "Wow... that was amazing! I never thought it'd feel this good!"
Patrick: "Glad you enjoyed it, Stiles, I did too. You did good for your first time."
Stiles: "Does that mean we'll get to have another round?"
Patrick: "No, Stiles. I never actually planned for all this to happen. All I meant to give you was a kiss..."
Stiles: "And what a kiss it was! My lips are still tingling from the sensation..."
Patrick: "I... I better go. Theo's probably wondering where I am..."
Stiles: "Just leave him, Patrick. If this was anything to go by, it means that we're meant to be together. Theo's not the right guy for you."
Patrick: "And you are?! I am sorry, Stiles. You are my friend but I... I can't do this. This was a mistake. I love Theo. Let's just forget this happened and just go on with our lives."
— Patrick and Stiles talking to each other after they slept with each other.

Stiles, fellow Hufflepuff, friend and roommate

Stiles Stilinski is also a fellow Hufflepuff and Patrick's roommate in the Hufflepuff Basement. Patrick instantly liked Stiles when he met him as well although he had to get used to the hyperactiveness that seemed to come off of him. Stiles is someone that never fails to make Patrick laugh whenever he's feeling down and the two are always there for each other.

Patrick has a very special connection with Stiles: he often comforts him when Stiles is feeling sad about the death of his mother, since he can completely relate to it since he has lost his real mother as well. However, Stiles doesn't need to comfort Patrick because he's not sad about it at all: he has Carole Hudson who he sees as his true mother so in a sense, he has never really lost anyone.

In his fourth year, Patrick helped Stiles out when he was depressed that he still hasn't had his first kiss yet. When Stiles was sad about it, Patrick grabbed Stiles his face when they were alone in their dorm and kissed him, surprising Stiles at first who eventually ended up participating into the kiss after he got over the shock. Without thinking too much of it, the kiss soon ended up in them having sex, making Patrick Stiles his first as well. Afterwards, the two of them act as if nothing ever happened between them although he has a feeling that Stiles might want to since he's sitting with him now more than ever, touches him more than necessary and tries to get alone with him in a room as often as possible. Patrick tries to act as if he has no idea what Stiles is doing in order not to make anyone grow suspicious that something has happened between them.

Isaac Lahey

Main article: Patrick and Isaac
Isaac: "Patrick? I... uh... I can't sleep again. Do you mind if..."
Patrick: "Hop on in, Isaac. You know you don't have to ask me whether you're allowed to sleep in my bed with me."
Isaac: "I know but still... Thank you..."
— Isaac asking Patrick if he's allowed to sleep with him in his bed.
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Isaac, fellow Hufflepuff, friend and roommate

Patrick met Isaac Lahey on his first night in the Hufflepuff Basement where he discovered that he would be roommates with him. Isaac was a bit shy at first but Patrick, Brody, Scott and Stiles managed to pull him out of it by including him with their activities. Isaac used to be jealous at the close relationship between Patrick and Brody, he wants a relationship like that with someone as well. He has since then gotten rid of his jealousy and acts normally when he's around them.

Isaac eventually grew out to become Patrick his second best friend, this development fulfulling Isaac's deepest desires to have a best friend of his own, someone he can trust and have fun with at all times. The two boys share a deep bond, Patrick having been entrusted by Isaac about his traumatic past. At nights when Isaac is unable to sleep, he crawls into Patrick's bed, who allows it and has grown used to it, and finds comfort as the two Hufflepuffs cuddle each other back to sleep.

Isaac often talks with Patrick, Scott, Stiles, Brittany and Finn about their Quidditch strategy and how to improve their style of play. Isaac is competitive and really wants to win, so he pushes himself and the members of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as best as he could. When they lose a match, however, Isaac leaves and walks to a secluded area in which he can collect his thoughts. Luckily for him, Finn always knows exactly where he's hiding so he always joins him and gives him a good peptalk before walking him back to the common room.

Brittany S. Pierce

Main article: Patrick and Brittany
Patrick: "How did you know that the karaoke party would turn out to be so good? Every Hufflepuff loves it!"
Brittany: "It's because I know what our deepest desires are. We badgers crave social contact... and lots of food."
— Patrick and Brittany talking about the karaoke party.
Tumblr ni5h00jByF1tzafe7o1 1280

Brittany, fellow Hufflepuff and friend

Brittany S. Pierce is a good friend of Patrick whom is also sorted into Hufflepuff House. They met each other during their first year. Brittany struck Patrick as "odd, yet strangely unique" and they stuck with each other. Patrick loves the randomness of Brittany and how she always seems to be in a good spirit. Patrick aspires to be like her.

Brittany often goes to the Quidditch Pitch with Patrick and Isaac to practise, since they are all Chasers of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Patrick is amazed at what Brittany has done to the Hufflepuff House; she has brought its students even more together by organizing the Hufflepuffs Karaoke Party.

Patrick noticed that everyone seems to be loving Brittany although there are a few exceptions. When he finds out that someone has hurt her feelings, Patrick will try to get revenge with Brody and the other Hufflepuffs who love Brittany to death. She's seen as one of the best Hufflepuffs of their time and if anyone messes with her, then they have the entire Hufflepuff House to answer to.

Danny Māhealani

Main article: Patrick and Danny
Danny: "You heard me correctly. I'm willing to teach you two all about sexual education. In private, of course, and it will be our secret."
Patrick: "I'm all for it if Brody is too. Brody, what do you think?"
Brody: "I only have one thing to say... When does our first class start, Professor Māhealani?"
— Danny offers to teach Patrick and Brody all about sexual education.

Danny, fellow Hufflepuff and friend

Patrick first met Danny during his first year in the Hufflepuff Basement. He had heard stories about him whispered throughout the school about how he's openly gay and doesn't care that other people think less of him because of it. Patrick did not understand why people just can't accept and love each other for how they are. During his first conversation with Danny, he felt immediately calm in his presence. There's something about Danny that makes you trust him and Patrick started to become friends with Danny at a quick rate. How could he not to when Danny is such a likeable person?

Patrick loves it when he notices Danny sitting in the stands when he is having a Quidditch match. Danny always dresses up in bright Hufflepuff colors and outfits to cheer the team on, and he always brought Brody along in his second year. Their presence gave Patrick a boost, and it usually made him perform better, knowing that his friends and family members are watching and counting on him and his team to win the match. However, due to the intense amount of Quidditch practises, Patrick couldn't hang out with Danny as much as he wanted to, same goes with Brody.

During his third year, Danny took Patrick and Brody apart when he found out that they were homo- and bisexual. He brought them to his dorm and locked it before telling him how proud he was of them and how he now has more LGBT friends to hang out and talk about boys with. Danny also felt the urge to make sure that they knew what they were doing when it's time for them to have fun in the bedroom, so Danny gave the both of them sexual education in private, in a course of several weeks. He made sure to include everything in his private sexual education lessons: safe sex, condoms, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), kinks, fetishes, sex positions, roleplay, public sex, bondage, safe words, tops, bottoms, versatiles, dominants, submissives and more. When it comes to gay sex, Danny's a walking encyclopedia and he was more than willing to share his knowledge on all these subjects with Patrick and Brody. He even demonstrated a lot of it on them in which he refers to as "practise lessons". In these lessons, Danny, Patrick and Brody will act out whatever they've learned in the last few lessons in which they all switch between top and bottom. This is something that the three of them keep a secret from everyone.

Quinn Fabray

Main article: Patrick and Quinn
Patrick: "Finn is really lucky to have you as his girlfriend."
Quinn: "And he knows I'm really lucky to have him as my boyfriend."
— Patrick talking to Quinn about her relationship with Finn.

Quinn, Patrick's sister-in-law

Patrick has seen Quinn Fabray walk around in Hogwarts but never had a conversation with her nor met her. That all changed when his stepbrother Finn Hudson became a couple with her. Finn introduced Quinn to Patrick, Liam and Brody as his girlfriend and the three were immediately in love with how friendly Quinn was. It was clear to them that she had taken an instant liking to them as they had with her. Quinn started to care for them and is always willing to help them out whenever they have questions about something or are in trouble. However, due to the fact that Quinn is from Ravenclaw and is a year higher than him, Patrick doesn't interact much with her at school.

Finn always brings Quinn over to their house at the end of another year at Hogwarts where she will stay for a couple of days to hang out with her boyfriend and his family. Quinn always helps Carole in the kitchen and she was immediately accepted by both her and Joshua, who complimented Finn on getting such a nice, sweet and polite young woman as his girlfriend and that she would be a great addition to the family.

Patrick and Quinn always read together when they're all by themselves, it's one of their special activities to do. They love to discuss everything that happens in the books they are reading and they listen to and respect each other's opinion about certain topics and characters.

Justin Russo

Main article: Patrick and Justin
"You want to know where Justin is? He's probably in the library reading the same book three times over again."
—Patrick talking to someone who asked him where Justin is.

Justin, Patrick's friend

After Finn returned home from his first year at Hogwarts, all he talked about was Justin, his best friend who was sorted into Ravenclaw. Finn was so excited about him and told Patrick, Brody and Liam all the adventures the two had at school. Patrick immediately knew that his Ravenclaw best friend would be just as kind and sweet as Finn or else his stepbrother didn't want anything to do with him.

All these stories made Patrick excited to meet him which happened when he finally arrived at Hogwarts during his first year. Finn immediately introduced Patrick and Brody to Justin in the Great Hall. Patrick admired the traits that Justin possessed and found him a nice person to be around. He never made fun of anyone and he's always so sweet and caring to people he holds dear. Being Finn's best friend, this automatically made Justin part of the Dunbar and Hudson families and he occasionally comes over to their house during the holidays to celebrate and relax.

Same with Quinn, Justin is also a Ravenclaw and is one year higher than he is, so Patrick doesn't talk a lot to Justin in Hogwarts as they both have different things and places to attend to. When he does come across him, they smile and wave to each other in a greeting.

Hogwarts Staff

Albus Dumbledore


Albus Dumbledore, his Headmaster and future predecessor.

Albus Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Patrick has been into his office a couple of times throughout his stay at Hogwarts. Most of the time it's because Professor Dumbledore is curious about his grades and his family life. The intertwining of the Dunbar and Hudson families has been a big subject in the Wizarding World.

Dumbledore always offers Patrick and his brothers sweets whenever they're visiting him in his office or come across him in the hallways. To Patrick, Professor Dumbledore is a very sweet, old man who gives off the vibe of being a "caring grandfather." Patrick is also impressed by the power that Professor Dumbledore possesses.

Professor Dumbledore has been very lenient when it comes to allowing Patrick and other Hufflepuffs extra privileges. He has allowed them to host their karaoke party, to perform songs in the Great Hall and to spend the nights with their Music Professor in his cabin.

Patrick was eventually hired as Professor Herbology and Head of Hufflepuff House by Albus in 2000 after the First Wizarding War ended and worked together as colleagues for many years afterwards, it growing their bond. Patrick became the new Hogwarts Headmaster after Dumbledore resigned in 2024, thinking it was time for new generation to take the office.

Pomona Sprout


Professor Sprout, his Head of House and Herbology Professor

Pomona Sprout is the Head of House of Hufflepuff, Patrick's House, and the Professor of Herbology. Since his stepbrother Finn is her favorite student, Professor Sprout also has developed a fondness for him, Brody and Liam, and always helps them in and out of class whenever they're in trouble.

Due to the fact that she's his Head of House, Patrick has a lot of interactions with Professor Sprout and therefore sees her a lot. Whenever there's an issue within the House or he just wants to talk about something in private, Patrick always visits Professor Sprout her office, knowing that she wouldn't judge him.

Professor Sprout is one of Patrick's favorite Professors at Hogwarts because of her nurturing and caring personality, which reminds him of his stepmother Carole Hudson. She always makes sure that everyone is looked after. She even visits the Hufflepuff Basement occassionally to talk to her students individually, to get to know them, to discover what's happening in their life, and in return she tells them stories about her own life.

Douwe Posthuma


Professor Posthuma, his Music teacher, New Directions director and mentor.

Patrick met Douwe Posthuma on his first day at Hogwarts. After he and the other first years were escorted to the Hogwarts castle, Professor Posthuma was informing the students about the school before Professor McGonagall led them into the Great Hall to be Sorted.

Since then, he hasn't had much interactions with Douwe up until his third year, when Patrick chose to follow the extra-curricular subject Douwe taught, Music, thus placing him into his class. Because not many students chose to follow it, the students that did were treated like a family by Douwe and it made the music classes even more enjoyable.

Unlike many students who followed the Music class just for fun, Patrick and his stepbrother Brody were one of the few who actually had a burning passion for it and could sing and dance very well. This prompted Douwe to invite them to his cabin on the Hogwarts terrain to discuss music in general. This created a bond between the three of them: Douwe started to become more of a mentor and father figure to them.

Patrick and Brody were the only students who got Douwe's explicit permission to visit him at any time they wanted (if he was available at the time, of course). It wasn't uncommon for the two Hufflepuffs to spend an entire night in Douwe his cabin to sing and have fun together. On nights like these, Douwe made sure Patrick and Brody would have a bed to sleep in. Since Douwe was a Professor, the absence of Patrick and Brody in the Hufflepuff common room at night was overlooked by Albus Dumbledore and Pomona Sprout.

Minerva McGonagall


Professor McGonagall, his Transfiguration Professor

Minerva McGonagall is the Head of House of Gryffindor and also the Professor of Patrick's favorite subject, which is Transfiguration. Patrick always stays after class to talk with her about whatever they discussed in class. Patrick always tries to improve; his love and dedication for this subject has caused Patrick to quickly become one of Professor McGonagall's most prized and favorite students.

Professor McGonagall started to give Patrick private lessons in his third year in which she taught him the more difficult and advanced spells. McGonagall cares a great deal about Patrick and she treats him like how she treats her Gryffindor students. Some Gryffindor students have complained how she is favoring Patrick over them but Professor McGonagall instantly silence them with one harsh look.

Severus Snape


Severus Snape, his Potions Professor.

Severus Snape is Patrick's Potions Professor. Patrick always comes prepared to Potions class and makes his homework to the best of his abilities, something Snape respects. For that reason alone, Snape tolerates Patrick and allows him to work with very rare ingredients. There are times in which Patrick does something clumsy which makes his cauldron explode; Snape doesn't like when it happens at all. Thankfully, Patrick always offers to replace the cauldrons that he destroyed with his own money and for that, Snape has also a huge amount of respect for him. Since his relationship with Slytherin student Theo Raeken, Professor Snape has had a lot of social interaction with Patrick. He even allows him into the Slytherin common room to visit Theo, something he wouldn't allow other students to do (with the exception of Brody and Brittany). Patrick is also one of the few students outside of Slytherin that Snape actually treats fairly when it comes to awarding and deducting House Points.

Patrick is being treated fairly and has a good bond with Severus Snape because of his father's relationship with him as Joshua and Severus were both dormmates, Slytherins and best friends at Hogwarts. They stayed in touch after they both graduated. Severus regularly comes over to the Hudbar Manor to spend time with his best friend, his wife and their children, all of whom he's teaching at Hogwarts