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Patrick Dunbar is one of the main characters in the Hogwarts Life series. Because of the fact that his role has been so important to the overall plot of the series, he has said a lot of things in the books. A collection of all the memorable things he said are quoted below with dialogues he has had with several other characters.

All the quotes and dialogues are sorted per book. Patrick was a fourth year at Hogwarts in the first book. However, you'll also find things he said and dialogues Patrick had with other characters before the events of the first book even took place. They will be written down in the "Past" category since it's good to have an insight on what he said, thought or did as he grew up to further understand his personality and his outlook on stuff and how he might've changed in the future.


I can't wait to send an owl to my father. He'll be so pleased to hear I've been sorted into Hufflepuff.

Patrick to Stiles, First Year

Do I look like I know what we should do? I'm as clueless as you are.

Patrick to Brody, Third Year

It's funny how generation after generation every Hufflepuff within my family ended up marrying a Slytherin. No Gryffindor or Ravenclaw in sight.

Patrick to Theo, Third Year

If I ever find out you did anything to break Brody's heart, I will make sure your life will be a living hell.

Patrick to Jackson, Third Year

Brace yourself, I'm going to hug you.

Patrick to Isaac, Third Year

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