Noah: "Can't you just flick your stick and make something happen?"
Stiles: "Honestly, dad, it's called a wand, not a stick! And yes, I can."
— Noah having a discussion with his son Stiles
Noah Stilinski (b. 1950) is the son of Elias Stilinski and an unknown mother, the husband of the late Claudia Stilinski and the father of Mieczyslaw "Stiles" Stilinski


Early life

Noah was born to Elias Stilinski, an Army engineer, and an unnamed mother in the mid-20th century. Elias was known for being both emotionally and physically abusive, and on at least one occasion, Noah stepped in to protect his mother from his abuse, causing his father to inadvertently throw him into a glass coffee table; his shoulder was scarred, and tiny fragments of glass remain under the now-healed wound even in the present day. Upon graduating from high school, Noah enlisted in the United States Army, where he served for an unknown length of time.

Once his enlistment ended, he returned home and went to college, where he met and fell in love with Claudia Gajos, with whom he eventually married. In the mid-1990s, Noah and Claudia had a son who was named Mieczyslaw after her father and who goes by the nickname Stiles just like Noah's own father did.