"Being a part of something special, makes you special."
Douwe Posthuma to all the members of the club.
New Directions is a musical choir group of male, female and mixed voices, which traditionally specializes in the singing of short songs—glees—by trios or quartets. It is founded by Professor Posthuma when he noticed how popular the Hufflepuff Karaoke Party was within his own House and figured there may be students from other Houses who are as interested in music as they are. Professor Posthuma teaches Music and has done so all his life. When he came back to Hogwarts some time after his graduation to teach, he noticed that not many witches and wizards tend to choose his extra-curricular subject because it has nothing to do with magic at all. It broke his heart to see that so many young people turned their back on music, something that has given him and many other people—wizards and Muggles alike— so much joy and entertainment.

Douwe Posthuma teaching the New Directions in 1994

It wasn't until the Karaoke Party that he began to entertain the idea of getting rid of his standard Music class set-up by changing it into his own Music Club. Professor Posthuma went to Headmaster Dumbledore before the end of year 93-94, requesting that the school should build an Auditorium in which his students can perform and a special classroom with all kinds of musical instruments in it for him to teach his students in during the weekly sessions. With the support of Professor Germanotta, Professor Martin and Professor Houston, whom all offered to pay for it alongside Professor Posthuma, Dumbledore accepted the request and said that the Auditorium and new Music classroom, in both of which are several musical instruments for the students to use and in which Muggle technology is working (unlike the rest of the castle), would be ready for use in the next school year.



Hogwarts Auditorium

In order to be allowed to follow the class and be accepted into the Music Club, you will need to do an audition in front of the director Professor Posthuma. He is the one that will either accept and welcome you into his class and into the club, or he will be the one that rejects you. His decision is final.

If you are rejected, you aren't allowed to do another audition in the same year. However, you are allowed to try it again in the following year(s) to come. It's difficult to get accepted into the Music Club because Professor Posthuma has a very high set of requirements one need to possess. You need to actually love music, you need to have a good voice and be able to sing in front of the Music Club members and the Hogwarts staff and students for when you need to perform in order pass your exams, you need to have chemistry with other members, you need to be able to study choreography and at least have a sense of rhythm, you are not afraid to look "silly" or "weird" in front of other people and above all, you let the music do the speaking for you.

Weekly sessions will be held in which Professor Posthuma decide what the theme of the week will be. He decides if you need to do the assignments on your own, with another partner or in a group. You'll be graded accordingly. Above all, it is important that the members of Music Club will act as a family (Professor Posthuma is a Griffindor that values this the most.)


Dance Partners


Every member of the club auditioned. In 1994, all those students who liked to be a part of this new Music Club, should had to do an audition number to show Douwe Posthuma their talent in Hogwart's Auditorium. Douwe invited Whitney Houston, Chris Martin, Stefani Germanotta and James Corden to join the jury from their opinions. Here is a list from the songs which is performed by the current members.


Hogwarts New Directions
New Directions Directors
Douwe Posthuma
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Finn Hudson · Quinn Fabray
New Directions Members
Gryffindor: Adam Davenport · Emilia Milton
Hufflepuff: Brittany S. Pierce · Brody Hudson · Patrick Dunbar · Scott McCall
Ravenclaw: August Doww
Slytherin: Alisha Daniels · Andy Payne · Santana Lopez
Bella Thorn
Becky Johnston · Kim Hall · Stiles Stilinski · Theo Raeken
Coldplay · James Corden · Raven Reyes · Stefani Germanotta · Sue Sylvester · Whitney Houston
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