The relationship between Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray.

Finn and Quinn met each other in 1990 when Justin Russo brought Finn to the Ravenclaw Tower. Ever since this meeting they both fell in love with each other and at this young age. They became an official couple in 1991 when they were both in their second year and they have gotten popular with other students by being a very cute couple. Because Finn is in love with Quinn, he brings her often to the Hudson family where they received her with open arms; she even stays over to celebrate Christmas together. They also went out together as a couple to the Wizard Ball in 1993 where they won the title: Best Looking Couple. Even though Quinn is sorted in Ravenclaw, she is accepted into the family as if she is one of theirs. They are having very romantic dates in Hogsmeade and they are also each other's first.

In 2001, Finn Hudson marries Quinn Fabray and have their first baby child named Chris Hudson followed by Lynn, Paul and Daniël. The Fabson family became fabous after the first world war and after Finn defeted the darklord. Finn becomes in 2000 the new Minister for Magic.


First Year (1991-1992)

Second Year (1992-1993)

Third Year (1993-1994)

Fourth Year (1994-1995)

Fifth Year (1995-1996)


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