The relationship between Finn Hudson and Justin Russo.

Both Justin and Finn started to attend Hogwarts together in 1990 and met in their boats on their way to the castle. They both liked each other from the first moment they laid eyes on each other; they cracked jokes with each other while boating to the castle. When the sorting ceremony began in the Great Hall, they stood next to each other hoping that they'd be sorted into the same House. When Finn was sorted into Hufflepuff and Justin into Ravenclaw, they still meet each other in their free time and sit next to each other in classes. They became best friends and made Hogsmeade a meeting place where they go with other students. Thanks to Justin, Finn met the love of his life, Quinn Fabray, at the Ravenclaw Tower with whom he is now in a relationship with. When they both joined their respective Quidditch teams, they are willing to play the game without nepotism so when Hufflepuff plays against Ravenclaw, they both are fighting very hard to win the game.

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