The relationship between Finn Hudson and Brody Hudson.

Brody is Finn's younger birth brother. As an older brother, Finn really cares for his younger brother and is willing to do everything for him. Ever since Brody was born, they share a really, really close connection. Finn was always the one who sat near to Brody's bed when he first got nightmares or when he was sobbing over the death of their father. Finn always told him stories what their dad has been through at Iraq and made Brody believe that their father was a real superhero who protected them from bad people, these were the stories Carole has told him when he was his age.

When Brody was six years old, he got bullied at school. So when Finn found out some students were bullying him, he stood up for his little brother by protecting him. Thanks to this action, Brody always feels protected by Finn which made their connection even more stronger.

Brody's older brother Finn Hudson.Finn, who plays the drums, thought

Brody also the drums when he noticed he seems to have intrest in it. Together they played on Finn's drumset for nights, however their parents wasn't very happy with the hard sound. Together they made a beat and when Brody turned the age nine, he gave him his own drumset as present so they could play alongside each other. Both enjoyed it and also sung a lot with each other.


Finn and Brody, taken by Carole.

When Brody started to attend Hogwarts in 1991, Finn always kept an eye out for him (same with his stepbrothers Patrick and Liam) and was happy they were all sorted into the same House as him, Hufflepuff. In the third year, Brody came out as bisexual to Finn. Brody started to get feelings for boys but he also knew that he could fall in love with a girl so he stood up and went to to Finn for a talk. They were sitting at Finn's bed in the Hufflepuff Basement after Finn told his roommates to leave their room for a few minutes. Before Brody even uttered one word out, he started to cry his e


Finn and Broda at dance rehearsal with the New Directions.

yes so Finn held him and while he was doing so, Brody was telling Finn that he also liked men. Since this day, Finn supports him with all his heart and is happy for his little brother when he found out he is in a relationship with Slytherin Jackson Whittemore.

Brody is really proud of his older brother. He is the captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, the Prefect of Hufflepuff and he is also in a relationship with one of Hogwarts most beauty girls Quinn Fabray. With Brody being the Quidditch commentator, he always boasts Finn up when he catches the Golden Snitch at a Quidditch game. It is a fact that before Brody go to sleep, he visit Finn for a warm hugg and a kiss on cheeck because he couldn't sleep without saying Finn a goodnight. Both deeply loves the other.


First Year (1991-1992)

Second Year (1992-1993)

Third Year (1993-1994)

Fourth Year (1994-1995)

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