The relationship between Ethan Hudson and Brody Hudson.

Ethan and Brody are very close cousins ever since they knew each other. Brody has a better connection with Ethan than with Aiden, and Ethan with Brody than with Finn. Ever since Carole gave birth to Brody, Ethan, as a young baby, loved to visit the little man. Christopher and Jonathan were close brothers so it was for sure they visited the Hudson Family much after a new family member was born.

By the years, Ethan and Brody grew really close as they both shares the same intrest. Not only in music or sports, also intrest in guys. However Brody found his sexuality out in 1993, Ethan came soon out as gay when he had his first boyfriend in 1991. Brody always accepted his cousins sexuality, not knowing he dates Jackson Whittemore a few years later.

With Brody being a Half-blood and Ethan being a Muggle, Ethan doesn't know about the magic. The Howell family always kept the secret save from the Hudsons, expert from Christopher. It's Ethan said that Finn and Brody goes to a private school somewhere in Ireland. Because of the close bond they share, Brody send often letters to Ethan. As much as Ethan wants, he can't send some back because Hogwarts is a secret place. Both Brody and Finn are planning to tell Ethan and Aiden about his origin, but Carole disagree with that. It is not safe for muggles to know about the magic.

In 1993, Brody came out to the Hudsons as bisexual when they all were invited by a party at the Hudbar Manor. With Jackson at his side, he is being introduced to Ethan and Aiden.