"I always thought that when I, uh... How do parents go on when they lose a child? You know, when I would see that stuff on the news, I'd shut it off because it was just too horrible to think, but I would always think, 'How do they wake up every day?' I mean, how do they breathe, honey? But you do wake up, and for just a second, you forget. And then, oh, you remember. And it's like getting that call again and again, every time. You don't get to stop waking up. You have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t get to have a child anymore."
Carole about the death of Brody in 2019

The relationship between Carole Dunbar and Brody Hudson.

Brody's bond with his mother Carole Howell is greatt and strong. After the lost of his father was Carole the one who should raise her sons up, all alone. It was a pretty hard time for Carole, but being such a good mother for her children she did everything she could do to be there for her two sons. When Carole and Joshua Dunbar felt in love with each other, and Joshua helped Carole with raising her children, she decided to move in. Together the two raised the four children; Finn, Brody, Patrick and Liam, and together they tried to give all their children an amazing youth. The Hudson and the Dunbar family grow together and the two families became one close and lovely family. When Brody got sick, got a bit down or was very sad, Carole tried to speak courage into him by telling stories about his father, Christopher. Brody couldnt remember much about his father but because of the stories Carole told him, he saw his father as a greatt and strong man who gave his life for them. That Brody have respect for his mother is for sure, and that he loves her is a fact, and by that he will do everything to make sure his mother would be proud of him.

When Christopher died, Joshua Dunbar was the man who helped Carole to raise their children up. The two got deeply in love and they started a family together. The relationship between Joshua and Brody is very greatt. Brody doesn't know other that Joshua is his father, besides that he isn't his real father. Brody always saw him that way and that wouldn't change. As a young child, Joshua learned Brody together with his own sons Patrick and Liam, and his follow stepson Finn many things in life, but also abilities. Brody is forever thankfull that he made his mother happy, and that he is such a greatt father for him and Finn. He is for sure that Chirstopher would be proud of Joshua.