"I care about the people that I love and I am willing to do everything to make sure that they're save"
Brody Hudson
Throughout his life, Brody has had many relationships with a variety of people.

His strongest relationships are with: his mother, his brotherJackson Whittemore, Scott McCall, Brittany S. Pierce, Douwe Posthuma, Ethan Hudson, Alec Tate the Dunbar family.



Christopher Hudson

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Brody's father Chirstopher Hudson.

"Welcome on earth beautiful baby boy."
Christopher after Brody was born.
Brody is the youngest son of Christopher and Carole Howell. Although Christopher died when Brody was one years old, he does got much love of his dad. Christopher loved Brody very much and when Christopher was home for a few days, or sometimes weeks, he often took both Brody and Finn out to the park and played with them. It is known that Christopher felt guilty about his work at the army, but he didn't had a choice. Because Carole was a house mother, he was the one who should take care for the money to raise the children up, because the Hudson family hadn't much money to spend. The last time Christopher saw Brody before he died, was when he came home for a night before he had to leave for a few months to go to Iraq. He said goodbye to Brody when he was asleep and gave him a last kiss on his forhead by saying that he promised to take care of him for ever. Christopher fought not only for his state, but also for Carole and his two amazing sons. Christopher died in 1981.

Carole Hudson


Brody's mother Carole Howell.

"I always thought that when I, uh... How do parents go on when they lose a child? You know, when I would see that stuff on the news, I'd shut it off because it was just too horrible to think, but I would always think, 'How do they wake up every day?' I mean, how do they breathe, honey? But you do wake up, and for just a second, you forget. And then, oh, you remember. And it's like getting that call again and again, every time. You don't get to stop waking up. You have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t get to have a child anymore."
Carole about the death of Brody in 2019

Brody's bond with his mother Carole Howell is greatt and strong. After the lost of his father was Carole the one who should raise her sons up, all alone. It was a pretty hard time for Carole, but being such a good mother for her children she did everything she could do to be there for her two sons. When Carole and Joshua Dunbar felt in love with each other, and Joshua helped Carole with raising her children, she decided to move in. Together the two raised the four children; Finn, Brody, Patrick and Liam, and together they tried to give all their children an amazing youth. The Hudson and the Dunbar family grow together and the two families became one close and lovely family. When Brody got sick, got a bit down or was very sad, Carole tried to speak courage into him by telling stories about his father, Christopher. Brody couldnt remember much about his father but because of the stories Carole told him, he saw his father as a greatt and strong man who gave his life for them. That Brody have respect for his mother is for sure, and that he loves her is a fact, and by that he will do everything to make sure his mother would be proud of him.

When Christopher died, Joshua Dunbar was the man who helped Carole to raise their children up. The two got deeply in love and they started a family together. The relationship between Joshua and Brody is very greatt. Brody doesn't know other that Joshua is his father, besides that he isn't his real father. Brody always saw him that way and that wouldn't change. As a young child, Joshua learned Brody together with his own sons Patrick and Liam, and his follow stepson Finn many things in life, but also abilities. Brody is forever thankfull that he made his mother happy, and that he is such a greatt father for him and Finn. He is for sure that Chirstopher would be proud of Joshua.

Finn Hudson


Brody's older brother Finn Hudson.

"Brody: I-I can't do this Finn... I can't leav--

Finn: Listen. You CAN do this. You're a Hudson, you're my little brother.
Brody: I'm scared..
Finn: Look at me Brody. I am not saying that this is gonna be easy for the four of us, but we have to try.We are the only one who can make this right. We have to do this before Lord Voldemort kill us all and takes over this darn world. Remember, we are a part of the Elementals, we are strong. We have to do this.... for mom, for professor Dumbledore, for Scott......... for every student that still live today. We are their only hope... So, are you in?
Brody: Y-yeah... allright. "

Finn telling Brody that they need to fake their death at the battle in 1998.

Brody is Finn's younger birth brother. As an older brother, Finn really cares for his younger brother and is willing to do everything for him. Ever since Brody was born, they share a really, really close connection. Finn was always the one who sat near to Brody's bed when he first got nightmares or when he was sobbing over the death of their father. Finn always told him stories what their dad has been through at Iraq and made Brody believe that their father was a real superhero who protected them from bad people, these were the stories Carole has told him when he was his age.

When Brody was six years old, he got bullied at school. So when Finn found out some students were bullying him, he stood up for his little brother by protecting him. Thanks to this action, Brody always feels protected by Finn which made their connection even more stronger.


Finn, who plays the drums, thought Brody also the drums when he noticed he seems to have intrest in it. Together they played on Finn's drumset for nights, however their parents wasn't very happy with the hard sound. Together they made a beat and when Brody turned the age nine, he gave him his own drumset as present so they could play alongside each other. Both enjoyed it and also sung a lot with each other.

When Brody started to attend Hogwarts in 1991, Finn always kept an eye out for him (same with his stepbrothers Patrick and Liam) and was happy they were all sorted into the same House as him, Hufflepuff. In the third year, Brody came out as bisexual to Finn. Brody started to get feelings for boys but he also knew that he could fall in love with a girl so he stood up and went to to Finn for a talk. They were sitting at Finn's bed in the Hufflepuff Basement after Finn told his roommates to leave their room for a few minutes. Before Brody even uttered one word out, he started to cry his eyes so Finn held him and while he was doing so, Brody was telling Finn that he also liked men. Since this day, Finn supports him with all his heart and is happy for his little brother when he found out he is in a relationship with Slytherin Jackson Whittemore.

Brody is really proud of his older brother. He is the captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, the Prefect of Hufflepuff and he is also in a relationship with one of Hogwarts most beauty girls Quinn Fabray. With Brody being the Quidditch commentator, he always boasts Finn up when he catches the Golden Snitch at a Quidditch game. It is a fact that before Brody go to sleep, he visit Finn for a warm hugg and a kiss on cheeck because he couldn't sleep without saying Finn a goodnight. Both deeply loves the other.

Patrick Dunbar


Brody's best friend and stepbrother Patrick Dunbar. Photo taken by Brody on his phone.

For as long as Brody can remember, Patrick has always been his best friend. He is also his older stepbrother with whom he has been living with his entire life. His father has told him stories about him and Patrick playing together as toddlers, sharing each other's toys with each other, cuddling each other, giving each other sloppy kisses on the cheek and laughing each other; his stepmother Carole has documented every interaction on tape and sees it as one of her most valuable possessions. She also has a video of the duo when they were laying next to each other inside their crib as infants and that they kept crawling to each other while they tried to speak to each other; however, being unable to form words at such a young age, all you could hear was the usual baby brabbling.

They have been practically joined at the hip since birth: where one of them is, you can find the other as well. They have such a strong mental and emotional connection, the same of which can only be seen by twins: they think about the same things at the same time and they always say exactly what the other one was about to say. They know each other from the inside and outside: there's no secret that lays between them. Not only have they slept in one bed (alongside Liam and Finn) pretty much their entire childhood but they do everything else together too: they play outside together, they prepare meals together, they clean together, they sing and dance together and they even shower together, which is something that they have done their entire life as well. There's no shame or embarrassment between them, they're that close. It is also the case that whenever they were alone at home or in the showers that Patrick and Brody, both curious about their sexuality and each other's bodies as they grew up, experimented with each other to discover more about their likes, dislikes and sexuality. The two of them swore to keep this a secret between the two of them and only speak of it when they are sure they are completely alone.

Patrick and Brody would do anything for each other: they would even die for each other like they would for any other member of their family. As soon as there's something wrong with either of them, the other will be able to tell. Patrick and Brody are unable to lie to each other because they both know what to look for in each other to discover if they are being lied to. When one of them is hurt, the other one will take care of him and will personally make sure that they will get better; they won't give each other one minute of rest if that's the case since they will always be by their side.

There's something that Patrick and Brody have done their entire life and are still doing even when they're at Hogwarts and that is giving each other kisses on the cheek as a sign of affection and love. Patrick has gotten so used to it that he feels that whenever he's ill his body will only start to heal as soon as Brody has given him a kiss on the cheek. It's like there is magic hidden in it that has a healing and calming effect on the both of them.

The two take photographs of each other all the time, even at the most random places and when the other does not expect it. They mostly do it just so their mother will have more pictures to add to her collection, but it's also just for fun for the two of them. They love to get pictures and videos of whatever is happening in each other's life, so they can watch it back when they want to.

Liam Dunbar

Liam is Brody's youngest stepbrother. When Brody was one years old, Liam was a newborn baby and at the very first moment, Brody really loved the idea with having a baby brother. The relationship with Brody and Liam is strong, but not in the spotlight that much. It is for sure that Liam and Patrick share a very close bond because of their blood-bonding, and Liam has a very, very close bond with Finn, but the relationship between Brody and Liam is special of their own. Brody has so much love for Liam, and with him being the youngest child in the family, he is very protective of him together with Finn and Patrick.


Brody's youngest stepbrother, Liam Dunbar

When the kids where young and goes with the family on a vacation to Spain, Brody and Liam really loved swimming together as Finn and Patrick enjoyed playing volleyball a bit more. This activity was a real Brody/Liam moment, because this was one of those moments where they were just together. Liam loves how Brody lift him up and throw him into the sea and they diving together to spot some fishes.

When Liam is in a bad mood or just wants to be held, he walks up to Brody, Finn and Patrick, looks up to them with his puppy eyes and opens his arm, waiting to be picked up and cuddled by them. The three older siblings have not been able to resist the "Liam Cuddle Call" as they call it.

When Liam attended to be a new student at Hogwarts, Brody is very happy to have him close to him, especially when Liam got sorted into Hufflepuff.


Dobby-the-house-elf, old-Putin Lookalike

Brody's house-elf Dobby.

When Brody's parents decided to take a House-elf, because Carole couldn't handle all the work by herself, Dobby came into the Dunbar/Hudson family between 1981-1991. As young child, Brody found Dobby really sweet and cute and they really likes each other. Because the family acted really sweet and kind to Dobby, and treated him with love, Dobby started to care for the whole family, especially for the children. When Brody got older, he respected Dobby more and more and helped him with some chores.

When both Brody and Patrick goes to Hogwarts, Joshua and Carole decide to bring Dobby along with them to work at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's kitchen. This also means that Dobby gave the children food in secret.


Jackson Whittemore

The relationship between Brody Hudson and Jackson Whittemore starts in 1993 when they met each other after a Quidditch practise, with thanks to Patrick Dunbar. When Brody sees Jackson for the first time, there changed something inside of him what made him feel unconfortable. Something what he didn't know at first, but he knew it was something he didn't discored yet. When Brody looked into Jackson's eyes, he felt really warm inside of him what he couldn't understand, but wanna discover. The two got into a really lovely conversation and started to know each other better. They liked each other and wanna hang out more, and they do.


Brody's love of his life and current boyfriend Jackson Whittemore.

At their free time, when Jackson didn't had practise for the Slytherin Quidditch team, the two walked over the bridge and got into a lovely talk. Jackson tells him that he is captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team, and that he spend a lot of time by training to win the House Cup for his house. Brody likes the fact that he is one of those Slytherin people who is nice to him. Not that every Slytherin student is mean to him, but they didn't show any intrest in him, expert for Jackson. Jackson seems to be very intrested in Brody, by asking about his life. Brody tells him that he is in a relationship with Kim Hall, and he also tells him that he felt in his second year alone. The two became closer, and Jackson invited Brody to give him private flying lessons, to help Brody with his flying skills.

At a beautiful evening, the two practise at the Quidditch field. Jackson learns Brody how to have control on the Broomstick and not to fall. The two of them share a very romantic moment when Jackson is sitting behind Brody, as the two are flying in the sky on the same broomstick. Jackson is taking care of Brody by holding his hand above Brody's, to take the lead of the Broomstick by flying safetly. After flying around Hogwarts, with a beautiful moonset with beautiful shining stars, they go down to the ground. Brody thanked Jackson as he became closer to him, feeling very in love, and when Brody was really close by Jackon's lips, they share a romantic first kiss.

After accepting himself that he is in love with Jackson, he breaks up with Kim Hall, and got official in a relationship with Jackson. The two share romantic moments into the school and are kissing in front of other students. Some students acting very weird about their relationship, but Jackson is there to step up to the haters and to protect Brody from those students. They both are willing to die for the other, and they both care so much for the other. Jackson supports Brody in everything and is willing to protect him. Jackson is sometimes jealous when Brody is talking to other boys or when Kim Hall tries to steal him back from him.

Jackson occassionally comes over to his house to celebrate the holidays with his family. He is accepted by the family and share a very good bond with Brody's mother Carole and Brody's brother and follow Quidditch captain, Finn.

Kim Hall

Screenshot 8

Brody's first love and ex-girlfriend Kim Hall.

Brody and Kim Hall met each other in 1992 when Brody was studying in the Great Hall. Kim noticed Brody at the Hufflepuff table and got into a conversation with him. Because Brody felt really lonely in his second year, he wanted to have friends who are not Quidditch players, so he hung out with Kim a lot. They are both seen much in the Hogwarts libary to learn more about its history.

Brody started to get feelings for Kim after spending time with her, and it's for sure that Kim likes him back after he told her this news by kissing him. The two got into a romantic relationship and everybody seems to know about this, expert for Brody's siblings. Patrick Dunbar felt really awful after hearing this news by coincidence, and not by his best friend and stepbrother.

At the beginning of their third school year, they were allowed to go to Hogsmeade. So Brody loved to take Kim out for dates. But this relationship is gonna break when Brody meet his soulmate Jackson Whittemore. After Brody met Jackson, he acts differently towards Kim and she doesn't liked that. Kim got very jealous and noticed that Brody was in love with him. The relationship ended when Brody broke up with her after she tried to firing between the boys.

Good friends

Theo Raeken

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Brody's friend and stepbrother's boyfriend Theo Raeken.

Brody met Theo Raeken in 1993 on the same day as he have met Jackson Whittemore. Brody thought Theo was a nice Slytherin guy, but was always intrested in his best friend, Jackson. Brody supports Theo in every Quidditch match he plays, and because he is the Quidditch commentator, he dish Theo up by making him a fantastic player (by words).

Brody and Theo become closer when Brody found out he and his best friend and stepbrother Patrick Dunbar were dating in secret. Because Patrick is Brody's best friend and brother, he wants Theo to promise him that he would protect him in every way he could, which Theo accepted. Brody supports their relationship and together with Jackson, the four are having much dubbledates at Hogsmeade.

Scott McCall

Scott McCall is a fellow Hufflepuff student and also one of Brody's roommates in the Hufflepuff Basement. Brody met Scott in the Hogwarts Express on their first day to Hogwarts and he and Patrick instantly took a liking to him. They were happy when they were sorted into the same House and got even more happier when they discovered they would be sharing the same dorm for their entire stay at Hogwarts.


Brody's follow Hufflepuff friends Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski.

The friendship between Brody and Scott is on good terms, and they starting to hang out much after Quidditch practise. They often goes together with other friends to Hogsmead when they are at their third year. It is known that Scott have always accepted Brody from who he was, and supporting his relationship with Jackson Whittemore.

Stiles Stilinski

Stiles Stilinski is a follow Hufflepuff student and is also one of Brody's roommates in the Hufflepuff Basement. Brody meet Stiles at his first night at Hogwarts where they both celebrate their first night with other roommates. Brody and Stiles are also on good terms, although Brody finds Stiles fun but awkward. The two share fun jokes when they are about to sleep, what other roommates sometimes finds very annoying.

That Stiles and Brody have the same humor is for sure, but when Stiles found out that Brody is in a relationship with Jackson, he makes funny comments about it. Brody always knew that Stiles could be a bit jealous about his relationship with Jackson, because Stiles did have admit it that he found both Brody and Jackson very attractive.

Brittany S. Pierce


Brody's very good friend Brittany S. Pierce.

Brody and Brittany S. Pierce met in their first year at Hogwarts in 1991. They both are in Hufflepuff and share nice talks at the Hufflepuff Basement. At first sign, Brody found Brittany a bit crazy, but they grow on each other when Brody felt lonely in his second year after all his friends were a part of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Brittany was the girl who was very intrested in Brody's feelings, because she noticed that he felt lonely at times. Brody and Brittany share nice peptalks and became really close friends.

Brody include Brittany at many of his visits at Hogsmeade.

When Brittany ask Brody to be the co-host, together with Patrick Dunbar, for the Hufflepuffs Karaoke Party, he put his time into this event and plan many performances. Brittany and Brody are seen dancing much when the Hufflepuffers are celebrating this special event.

Isaac Lahey

Isaac Lahey is the fifth and last of Brody's roommates in the Hufflepuff Basement. Isaac met Brody also at their first night in their common room and share a good friendship.

Danny Māhealani

The friendship of Brody and Danny begun at his first year in 1991. Danny, who's at his second year when Brody came to Hogwarts, really liked Brody at first sign and the two are on good terms. It is for sure that Danny is openly gay, something what Brody looks up to. In the first year, they are are much together at the Hufflepuff Basement where they study or when they make fun jokes about Stiles Stilinski.


Brody's friend Danny Māhealani.

In 1992, Brody and Danny are seen together at the Quidditch field were they both support the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. They often are sitting next to each other at the tribune and they are making fun of some players who looks terrible in those outfits.

In Brody's third year, where he comes out as bisexual and starts a relationship with Jackson, Danny support him by giving him advise. He wants to make sure that he and Jackson uses protection, by giving him, and also Patrick, sex education about having sex as two men.

Quinn Fabray


Brody's sister-in-law Quinn Fabray.

Brody and Quinn meet as soon as she and his oldest brother Finn Hudson are beginning to date. Quinn, who's also known as one of Hogwarts beauties, very liked the idea of having brother in laws and started to make a bond with them all. Brody liked how caring Fabray is. The two don't have much interaction at Hogwarts since they are both from other houses.

When the year at Hogwarts is over, Quinn visit the Hudbar family and stays for a few days to be with her boyfriend Finn. At dinner, Brody and Quinn get to know each other better and share a brother-sister relationship.

Justin Russo


Brody's friend Justin Russo.

Brody and Justin Russo meet as soon as Finn letting to know each other in 1991 when Brody attends Hogwarts. Finn always talked a lot about Justin when he came home from his fist year, so Brody knew much stories about him. Justin being Finn's best friend makes him a part of the family, since Justin visit the Hudbar family often when Hogwarts is on a break.

Brody and Justin didn't share much time together at Hogwarts, not only because he is from Ravenclaw but also because he's from a year later. This doesn't mean the two dislikes the other, on the contrary. Brody and Justin get along well with each other. They often are seen together at the libary when Brody ask Justin information about something, or when Justin forces Brody to talk about how good he is at Quidditch when there's a game playing, since he is the Quidditch commentator.