Early life (1979-1990)

Hogwarts years (1990-current)

Personality and traits

Bella is a fashionable, unique, mean, adventurous, upbeat, brutally honest, bright,  bad girl, sassy, selfish and lazy, yet somewhat ditzy, totally naive young girl. She is described as a daring wild child who is uncontrollable, funky, and fun on her school's blog. She's street-smart rather than book-smart, unlike her best friend Rocky. Initially, she performs poorly in school because of dyslexia, but also because of her behavior as a trouble-maker. She is a minor antagonist on the show. She is sometimes always have to have her way. She is spoiled, selfish and shallow. However, she gradually improves academically as the series progresses. 

Magical abilities and skills


Total - 1


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