"I'm Queen Bee, and I can sting like a bitch!"
—-Becky Johnston
Rebecca "Becky" Faye Jackson is a half-blood witch. She began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1992 and was sorted into Slytherin House.

She was a member of Hudbar's Army.


Early life (1981-1992)

Becky was born with Down's Syndrome. In Wheels, she is a social outcast and has very few friends, with the exception of Brittany. She later tries out for the Cheerios; resulting in success. She is shown to be Sue's assistant, following her direction and always being with her. She is special to Sue because she reminds her of her sister, Jean.

Hogwarts years (1992-current)

Becky was sorted into Slytherin during her first year at Hogwarts. She has managed to complete the first two years without much incidents. She is also known as a very mean young girl.

Third Year

Physical Appearance

Becky is little, and wears glasses. She has a short blonde haircut.

Personality and traits

When Becky is introduced, she is a kind, sweet-hearted girl and wants to fit in and be treated just like everyone else. She makes the ambitious move to try out for the Cheerios, and in the end, is successful. As the series has progressed, she seems to have absorbed much of Sue's personality into her own, often making snarky or sassy comments, though it seems that she doesn't realize how her attitude effects others. Most recently, in Season Five, she became particularly angry, often lashing out at people for reasons that were never explained.

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